PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai May 7-10 2017

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IBI Edu is one of the best technology training providers I have ever seen in the Middle East. Excellent training material and experienced training instructors!


E-learning is an integral component of IBIS Edu training services. Aiming to promote medical imaging & healthcare IT education through e-learning platform, IBIS Edu has developed a place for those who want to learn the technology at their own pace. Now you do not need to travel long distances to learn PACS, DICOM, HL7, EHR, RIS, Radiology procedures, health imaging technology, health informatics, e-health or other medical informatics courses. With our interactive online university, you can enjoy our free courses in diverse topics to get authentic education as a beginner or to enhance your expertise through the more detailed course structure.

Benefit of Online Training:

-          Value: Low-cost, high-impact training

-          Save Time: You won't lose any time away from the office

-          Save Money: No costly travel expenses

-          Convenience: Learn from the comfort of your own workstation or tablet wherever you are

List of Our Popular Online Courses:

Here is a list of our popular online courses in healthcare technology and medical informatics, please click to read more details of each course.

  • Course duration: 45-70 minutes
  • Delivery: Online
  • Class Size: Maximum 12 trainees 
ID Title Price
SO7010 Medical Imaging Workflow Basics $100 USD
SO1220 DICOM Basics $100 USD
SO1222 DICOM Display Basics $90 USD
SO1221 Handling of DICOM Private Tags $90 USD
SO1224 Classic Multi-frame Images $90 USD
SO1225 Data Compression in DICOM $100 USD
SO1226 Multimodality Image Registration $100 USD
SO1214 DICOM PET Imaging Basics $100 USD
SO1215 DICOM Nuclear Medicine Imaging Basics $100 USD
SO1219 XDS Basics $100 USD
Free Online Training Courses:

Please take any of our sample free courses given below to get a feel of online training and eLearning.