PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai May 7-10 2017
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          Course modified to fulfil PARCA Certification CPAS both Technical Requirements

& Clinical Requirements.


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Course Fees:

  • OPTION-1: Day 1, 2: 1000 $USD
  • OPTION-2: Day 3, 4, 5: 1500 $USD
  • OPTION-3: Day 5 Only: 750 $ USD (Troubleshooting & Hands-on only)
  • ALL INCLUSIVE: Day 1-5: Discounted price for all 5 days: 2200 $USD instead of 2500 $USD


  • Register before March 10, 2019: 30% discount
  • Register before April 10, 2019: 20% discount
  • Group of 3+ candidates: 20% discount


Professional Competency & Certification Guidelines:

The scope of the course material is designed to help expand the career opportunities of the attendees in the area of PACS administration/management and imaging informatics in general. We provide all attendees with certificates for attendance and achievement, based on their active participation. However, the structure is designed also to allow for attending selectively, focusing on particular topics, required by the various third party certification bodies in the field, like ABII, PARCA etc.

For example, Day1 can be taken independently from the following 4 days. It is a basic level for those without background in either Healthcare IT or Radiology, providing a very good coverage of the requirements for CPAS. The following 2nd day is for those who have orientation in the field of organisation and management- aiming for CIIP. They need to have had experience similar to the one provided by Day 1. The first half of the day will be revewing the previous day. Anyone stepping in straight into the second day can still use the morning to refresh their Healthcare IT and basic radiology through the review questions and drills.

The following 3d and 4th days are advanced level for PACS Administrators. The 3d day can be taken independently from the 4th. It focuses on standards (DICOM, HL7) covering for CPIA, CIIP. The 4th is for those focusing on PACS workflow- CPSA, CIIP. Both can be taken as a required step for the 5th day, which is hands-on and troubleshooting, aiming at CPSM. Prerequisite for 3d and 4th days is to have a basic knowledge in Healthcare IT and Radiology (or having Day 1-2 done or similar experience)

The 5th day is hands-on/ troubleshooting for those already familiar with the DICOM and HL7 standard and the networking basics. Prerequisite is day 3 and day 4 done or similar experience. It is aiming at covering for CPSM.

Disclaimer: Third party certification bodies differ in their requirements and the structures of their tests are dissimilar. Although our teaching and training programme is of the highest quality, attendance on any part or the whole of this course does not automatically guarantee achieving certification with any third party institution which operates independently. Customers attending this course are expected to further complement their knowledge and experience by reading text books, taking computer based courses, attending conferences or taking other forms of continuous professional development before they go for third party certification.


You will get:

  • A binder with handouts of the slides
  • Detailed description and notes from the trainer for each day
  • Certificate of participation
  • Last but not least, morning and afternoon refreshments, and buffet lunch


  • Teaching of the generic medical imaging and data flow management process in relation to modern technology, regardless of specific branding
  • Provides clear understanding of the PACS components, their functionality and the standard interfaces used for integration
  • Presents a combination of knowledge in PACS engineering, implementation project planning and service management from real life
  • Up to date study of modern PACS technology and healthcare data management
  • Well balanced subject matter for good understanding of engineering as well as management
  • Comprehensive intensive learning yet ensuring gradual learning curve by introducing key terms explaining the jargon first
  • High quality study materials with review questions and answers to use for study and reference after the course
  • Excellent balance between academic and practical knowledge


Registration Deadline: June 01, 2019
Registration Fee: 2200 USD
Venue: Gloria Hotel, Media City Dubai
Date: June 16-20, 2019
Timings: 10 am till 4 pm every day.

How to Register:  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.